The New Haven Society of Model Engineers, Inc.

Founded April 12, 1932


We are always looking for new members. We meet on Fridays at the Wallingford Train Station at 7:00 pm. Park in the lot behind the station and walk around front. Look for the doorbell and ring it. In a minute someone will come up to let you in. (We're downstairs)

We like to have a prospective member come and participate for a couple weeks to see if they like what we have to offer. The "formal process" is begun by the prospective member filling out a simple Membership Application and paying the Application Fee. The first reading of the application is read at the next business meeting. The prospective member then has a six month "probationary period". At the end of the probationary period, the application is read again and voted on by the membership. A favorable vote places the prospective member as a full member.

Dues for full membership are $10 per month.

We try to keep the membership process as simple and as low cost as possible.

For more information, or for other types of membership, please contact us.